Day 96
December 2, 2020
Day 98
December 6, 2020

Day 97



In 2000, I was working in Information Services (now IT) and reporting to Bryant Barnes. Bryant called me into his office one day. He had an organization chart on his desk and started telling me about a major reorganization that was about to happen. Among the changes, Information Services was being physically moved to Tech Park and consolidated with Associated Data Services. Bryant was being named Executive Vice President – Telephone & Cable TV Operations, which meant he would be moving to the Customer Service Center. After about a five-minute explanation of these and lots of other changes, he paused for my reaction. I had a few questions that he answered and then I said “those are really good changes and I don’t mean to sound selfish, but what about me?” That’s when he told me I’d be moving with him, and oh boy, was I relieved!

Jennie Vaughn