Day 80
November 16, 2020
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November 18, 2020

Day 81



I began working for Rock Hill Telephone Company as a telephone operator my senior year of high school. I was hired full-time in Engineering upon my graduation in June of 1970. I left in 1984 to raise my three children, but continued contracting map work for Engineering until I returned full-time in February of 1989.

I have so many fond memories of our “Engineering Family”, especially at the picnics at the Barnes’ lake house and our Christmas parties. We were a close-knit group who personally knew every member of our co-workers’ families.

John Barnes always took eager riders out on the lake in his boat at the picnics. The kids loved that! I remember how much my youngest child, Malia, loved him and would always give him a big hug. I will never forget another picnic when Frank & Maggie Curtis jumped rope with Malia. Everyone got a good laugh out of that! How I love and miss all those folks!

Engineering still has a wonderful group of employees that I enjoy working with. The group has grown a LOT, so it’s not possible to know all the families personally, but there is still a close bond. I feel so blessed to work with so many fine people.
Sandra Cooke

PS-You might recognize a little Andy Elkins on the ground with his mom, Debbie in one of these pictures!