Day 79
November 15, 2020
Day 81
November 17, 2020

Day 80



I am a Pioneer.

I have so many great memories from Pioneering over the years, but my favorite memory is taking my children to their very first volunteer event. It was a kids club project. Their task was to fill string backpacks with socks, washcloths, and toiletries for members of the Rock Hill homeless community who would be our guests at the Open Arms Gala. It was here that my kids learned that not everyone has a family or a home and that there are people out there who need to know that somebody cares about them. An additional part of the project was to make a card or draw a picture to put in the bags. Reading the sweet things my kids wrote in their cards made me so proud to be their mom! Of course, I told them so, and they walked out of the building that night with a sense of pride that they never had before. They even thanked me for bringing them with me and letting them help. Since that night, we have made and served breakfast at a Laps for Lancers race and walked in a Christmas parade. We are fortunate that the Pioneer Club has so many different volunteer options and that family participation is encouraged. My kids love being able to help and are always asking when our next project is. 😊

Christina Thomas