Day 78
November 15, 2020
Day 80
November 16, 2020

Day 79



Operator Friends are Forever Friends
When I joined Rock Hill Telephone in Operator Services in 1989, I had no idea of the lasting friendships I would make. I worked with some incredible women who are still my friends today. Spread out in different departments across the Enterprise now, Operator Services was our starting point to a career in Telecommunications. We may not be as close as we once were, but I feel sure I could call on any of them at any time should I need them. Forever Friends!

All but two in the picture are still with Comporium today.

Pictured: Back row Renee Fields, Joan Medford, Amy Peeler Williams, Susan Boler, Cindy Downing, Barbara Stephenson, Sitting Andrea Oliver, Terry Ramsey and Kim Ramsey

Cindy Downing