Day 63
November 1, 2020
Day 65
November 1, 2020

Day 64



Halloween is pretty special for Comporium and the Comporium Pioneer Club, it is traditionally a very busy day unless it falls on Saturday or Sunday and we have to celebrate on another day. Our Annual Halloween Blood drive is the biggest and most successful of the year. Club members decorate the Customer Service Center Conference room in Rock Hill with spiders, skeletons, spider webs and witches. Candy is plentiful and donors register to win one of the door prizes offered as a thank you for a successful donation year. When the drive is over, all the decorations are packed up and moved to the Comporium tent downtown Rock Hill for the Annual BooHaHa trick or treat event. Pioneers decorate the tent and many dress up to make the event more fun. Comporium supplies the candy, Snickers, Milky Way, Reese Cups etc…..only the best candy. By the end of the evening when all the candy is gone and the decorations and tent come down the Pioneers are exhausted and proud of another successful Halloween!