Day 61
October 29, 2020
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November 1, 2020

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“John M. Barnes, Sr. was awarded his Electrical Engineering degree from Clemson College in 1945 and began full time work as an Engineering Trainee with Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company in New Jersey. He was then asked to return to Rock Hill in 1946 to work as Equipment Engineer in his family's telecommunication business, Rock Hill Telephone Company. John's previous exposure to the business, along with his brothers and cousin, Lad, included digging ditches, climbing poles, and installing telephone lines. It had been their father's intention to start them at the bottom of the company to provide a foundation of a deeper knowledge and understanding of the telephone business. Over the course of John’s 58 year career at Rock Hill Telephone Company, his positions in the company included Traffic Manager, Commercial Manager and Chief Engineer and Secretary and Vice President of Corporate Development.”

John M Barnes Sr