Day 60
October 29, 2020
Day 62
October 29, 2020

Day 61



I began working at what was then, Rock Hill Telephone Company September 2, 1985 as a temporary worker. I was granted the task of putting assignment records In the computer as nothing was computerized. I joined the Pioneers 2 years later because I wanted to give back. I have a great love for people and especially children. When I worked with the Pioneers, I found myself wearing many costumes. Many of my volunteer activities were geared around children and making them happy, I dressed as Glen the frog, Mrs. Clause for several years, Dora, Superwoman for Boo HaHa and many others.

Once while volunteering with the Pioneers for BooHa Ha , I dressed as a clown and little did I know but my makeup which was beautiful at the start of the night started to smear and run down my face. I was giving out candy. A little girl came up to me and asked “Are you a good clown or bad clown”? I replied “Good of course “! Then I loaded her down with candy.

I had some great experiences with Comporium Pioneers from Rolling In Rock Hill, feeding the homeless at the women’s shelter to working on a habitat home. I pray that I made a lot of difference in the lives of others which has always been my ultimate goal.

Linda Mobley