Day 59
October 26, 2020
Day 61
October 29, 2020

Day 60



Words can’t express how fortunate it has been for me to work at Comporium and also how rewarding it has been to be a Comporium Pioneer. I have enjoyed serving with several projects:Christmas parades, helping with meals for the needy every Christmas, the fire house run, and habitat for humanity. The project most dear to me was when we were able to provide breakfast at the MDA (muscular dystrophy association) camp at Bethelwoods for several years. My great nephew William had been diagnosed with MD at the age of 4 and once he was old enough to attend camp he look forward to it every year. Thanks to all the pioneers for making this such a success with most of the team getting there around 6:00 in the morning and one special pioneer that was up at 4:00 am cooking the grits😀

It was definitely a team project and meant so much to these kids and their families to have a hot breakfast!

As I am getting closer to retirement, I look forward to be able to spend more time helping with pioneers!

Angelia Childers