Day 34
October 2, 2020
Day 36
October 4, 2020

Day 35




The military has always been special to me. I lost my biological father in Vietnam when I was 7 years old and by choosing a collegiate path versus a military path, I had always looked for a way to support the Veterans. I had donated to a National (DAV) Disabled Veterans program for years and began seeing a raggedy old DAV van cruising around Rock Hill.

It made me think what can I (reads WE) do to fix this. I had questions about what the van was used for and how had this one gotten into such a state of disrepair. A local representative said we are slated for a new one, but we do not have enough money to get it. Enquiring mind needed to know “How Much?”. The DAV representative’s answer was $5000. So guess what…. The Comporium Pioneers had a motorcycle event that raised the $5000 for our LOCAL DAV and they were able to get that new van. The “We Remember Ride”.

The bike rides are labor intensive events that allow fellowship and stewardship. It has provided me with some of the most memorable times in my life. I am most thankful for every person or company that has supported them by participating or donating—none would have been success without THEM.

Leon Yard