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September 22, 2020
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September 22, 2020

Day 24



DAY 24

My grandmother, Naomi Johnson, best known as “Maw-Maw Sam” was Operator #19 & #75 for many years. She retired from Comporium in 2018. In 2003 she told me that I should interview for a part-time position while in college, so I did. I remember walking by her desk the day of my interview and she was smiling from ear to ear so excited to see me and especially excited at the idea of being able to work for the same company. I accepted the part-time position, which eventually changed to a full-time position and here I am….17 years later still working at Comporium!

I have changed positions through the years, but one thing remains the same – I will always have MawMaw Sam to thank for opening this door of opportunity for me. However, this is not the only door that was opened, I also met my husband, Chad Hill, at Comporium. Chad is not only the apple of my eye, but he was hers as well. We would often joke that she would break her desk phone just so he would be called in to check it out. MawMaw passed away in December 2019, but it makes me feel so honored to have the opportunity follow in her footsteps with such an amazing company and it makes my heart smile to know that she played such a vital part in my career as well as how I met my husband. We are truly thankful to be part of the Comporium family.

Faith Ramsey Hill