Day 24
September 22, 2020
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September 29, 2020

Day 25



DAY 25

Looking back over my years at the phone company, one of the most memorable times to me was the unity and family bond of the phone company during September 1989, Hurricane Hugo started around midnight September 21 – 22nd. The worst storm to ever hit South Carolina to date. Driving up Saluda St the next morning to get to Headquarters was a devastating sight. I was shocked by all the storm destruction. The downed trees in the roads, and utility lines down and signs blown over. Having power and running water at work was a blessing. We don’t realize how much we miss running water and power until we do without it.

Team Spirit and togetherness helped smooth the process of weeks to come. I experienced the busiest call days I ever remember as an operator for directory assistance toll calls and repair. My busiest day, I had almost a thousand call attempts. Customers were able to call us from their land line phones for assistance to reach family and friends and report outages. All company employees worked together over time achieving many tasks to help rebuild our County. I started work on August 8, 1986 and presently work as a Traffic Administrator in the Engineering Dept. I am thankful to work for such an awesome company that will always be part of my family. This is my first day of work.

Gloria Skinner
“Operator 57”