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September 22, 2020
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September 22, 2020

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DAY 23

Since we just had the observance of 19 years since 9-11, my mind goes back to my work day on September 11, 2001. A co-worker, Eddie Montgomery, and I had flown into Dothan, Alabama on September10th so that we could be at the local telephone company early the next morning for software training. The company had recently purchased our Plant and Troubles systems. We arrived early on Tuesday, September 11th, and since I had been there numerous other trips, we entered through the back door directly into the breakroom. A number of employees were gathered around the TV, and smoke was billowing out of the side of one of the Twin Towers. We stood there trying to find out what was happening just as the plane stuck the second Tower. You can imagine the task we were up against that day, trying the attention of a room full of people to talk about software when everyone's mind was on the terrorist attack. I'm not sure how much they actually learned that week. My own mind was distracted by comments made by TV announcers speculating that they might target nuclear stations next. All I could think of was that if they blew up the one in Rock Hill, everything and everyone in my life would be wiped off of the face of the earth. Somehow, we muddled through the next two days.

On Friday, when we were scheduled to fly back home to the Carolinas. Many airports were closed and there were armed soldiers stationed at many others. But that was not the only problem. Eddie was only weeks away from retirement, and his family would not hear of him boarding an airplane. So we rented and car and drove the10 hours back home. "But at least we are safe", said Eddie when I commented that the flight on which we were originally scheduled to take home had landed, and we were just arriving in Atlanta. I had to agree. The thought of climbing on an airplane was not that appealing to me either. That was probably most stressful work week of my 25 years at Comporium. I just thank the Lord that we made it home safely.

Melinda Niday