Day 14
September 12, 2020
Day 16
September 15, 2020

Day 15



DAY 15

Chapter 1: Customer Service and Sales Representative

“Welcome to Comporium. My name is Jenny, how may I help you today?”
A Question that makes sure I am providing Excellent Customer Service to our Customers.
• Analyzing and solving billing questions and issues, and taking payments.
• Upgrade cell phones, add a new line of service to current cell phone account, or even start a brand new fresh account.
• Add/Upgrade Cable TV services including basic, basic plus, digital basic and HD, premium channels, DVR boxes, or even swap out a box that is no longer functioning.
• Add/Upgrade Internet services including dial-up, DSL, cable modem, and fiber.
• Add/Upgrade home phone service including local, long distance, and special features.
• Security System (let customer’s know we offer security, and we offer local monitoring).

Chapter 2: Security Monitoring Agent

“Security Monitoring, my name is Jenny, how may I help you?”
“This is Jenny with Security Monitoring, we have your alarm. Is everything OK?”
Questions that makes sure I am providing Excellent Customer Service to our Customers.
Fun Fact: We monitor over 60 companies including Comporium in York, Lancaster, Chester, Lexington, Orangeburg, and Richland counties in SC and Mecklenburg and Transylvania county in NC (to name a few). These companies span over 32 states, so we are familiar with different time zones and military time plus the phonetic alphabet for the police, fire, and medical dispatchers.
• Burglary, Fire, Panic and Medical Alarms are the primary alarms we receive.
• Sensor Troubles, Low Batteries, Communication Troubles, Power losses are alarms that we call and notify customer of their troubles on their system
• Sump Pump alarms, Water Heater alarms, Temperature (too High or too Low) alarms, Refrigerator and Freezer alarms are other signals we receive and notify the customer of their alert so they can check it out.
• Log tickets for the companies to fix telephone numbers, add/remove contacts from their call list, or request a call back from the business office for security system troubles.
• Put and Take accounts on and off test when customers are testing their system to make sure their zones and sensors are working properly.
Smile Everyday (Every Customer is a New Customer)

Jenny Chamberlin aka JEC