Day 82
November 18, 2020
Day 84
November 20, 2020

Day 83



I worked at Rock Hill Telephone Co & Comporium for 42 years. I started in Accounting September 1955 on Elk Ave and stayed in Accounting until December 1997. Virginia Hallman was my supervisor my entire years. She was very strict and I probably needed that. We had a lot of meetings. I was told one time that I should have stars in my crown. She was dedicated to her job and was good at her job.

I played golf and the employees would have Golf Tournaments and I got to play on all Men’s Golf Teams. The welcomed me and that made me feel good. I had four Hole in Ones during my golf career.

I met Don Bushue when he was dating Doris. Doris and I both worked for Attorney’s in Rock Hill National Bank at that time. One Saturday, I did not have a ride home to Tirzah SC and they took me home. Both Don and I were later hired at RHTC and in 1980 we both celebrated 25 years of service. (see picture)

My last day at Comporium, I was picked up by a Limo and taken home!!! Since my retirement, I worked at the Comporium Museum until it was closed in early 2020 due to Covid. Comporium is a great company to work for.

Mary Etta Tinkler