Day 7
September 11, 2020
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September 12, 2020

Day 8




1st Job in Pioneering

Sometime ago around 2006, I was getting involved with the Pioneers. I really didn’t know what it was to be a Pioneer but wanted to be involved. I had helped sell candy to raise money for the Pioneers but other than that, did nothing else. One day in 2007, I heard about a motorcycle ride that Leon Yard had put together and needed volunteers. I didn’t know anything about a motorcycle ride or didn’t ride a motorcycle, but was willing to help. I asked Leon what was needed and he told me just to come to the firehouse on the day of the event and he would find me a job to do. Being all eager and hyper as I am, I was up early and went to the firehouse, I was supposed to be there before 8 o’clock to get started and it was 8:15 am and not a soul was there. I called Leon Yard from my BlackBerry phone and asked where was everybody at. He said, we are here where are you? I told him I was at the fire station, but must be at the wrong one. Leon gave me the correct address and I made my way to the correct fire station. People were everywhere and more cars were coming in every minute. Leon gave me a Comporium safety vest and put me with Darrell Matthews to park cars for this event. While it wasn’t the best job but it was a job. I felt like I was working for the highway department, parking cars. As all the cars we’re parked and the event was in full swing, motorcycle after motorcycle appeared at the firehouse and lined up for the ride. I had never seen anything like this, but I was hooked. I have worked every Fire House Run since that day. I am a Pioneer.

Daniel Barnhardt
1998 - Present