Day 72
November 9, 2020
Day 74
November 12, 2020

Day 73



I got a phone call one day from my supervisor, Leon Yard, saying he was going to text me an address and to hop in a Transit and meet him there. That’s not unheard of in Supply Chain. When people need things immediately, we are often called with very little notice to get things done. I started to wonder what I was being called to help with when I ended up out in farm country. I pulled up to a two story, open-faced barn loaded with hay.

I knew I was in the right place (and probably the last to arrive) when I see our two box trucks, a flatbed truck, and 3 or 4 transits parked outside and a swarm of my coworkers scaling the hay. It was all available hands on deck! The next hour or so is possibly the most physical work I’ve done to date at Comporium. We filled those box trucks and flatbed truck with as much hay as they could possibly hold! We had a great time! Leon wouldn’t let us climb the two-story stack of hay. We could climb to the lower levels and throw down the bales to whoever was on the ground though. The funny part was whenever the haystacks would claim an extremity. You’d be walking along and then bam! A hidden hole that would swallow your entire leg! It was like playing a reverse game of whack-a-mole! You never knew where or when you’d be taken out! We ended up finding hay in pockets, shoes, ears, everywhere! A lot may be asked of Supply Chain, but we always find safe ways to have fun while getting it done.

The hay is used when we have to dig and resow the grass! It went out to F&C, Fort Mill, and Lancaster warehouses ( Looks like it is almost time for another hay run!!)

Meagan Gostomski