Day 71
November 8, 2020
Day 73
November 9, 2020

Day 72



When I graduated from high school and didn’t know what I wanted to do, my grandpa wisely told me that I needed to go to work for the phone company (Rock Hill Telephone Company back then). I, however, thought that was just crazy and decided that I needed to continue with my schooling and would figure it out as I went. So, 6 years (and 3 majors later) I graduated from Winthrop with a degree in business. My first job after college was… you guessed it!... Customer Service Representative at Comporium. Years later I was told to go work with Ken Bayne to get some clarification on a particular process. Something about him seemed familiar. Two days later it hit me – Mr. Ken reminded me so much of my grandma. Turns out my grandma’s mother was a Bayne. After a little digging, we were able to confirm that a few generations back on both our parts, our family trees intersect. Over the years, Mr. Ken has become a dear friend of mine, and I make it a point to talk to him weekly. I have made many wonderful friends during my time at Comporium, but I am especially thankful for this one.

Allyson Reid