Day 118
December 31, 2020
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December 31, 2020

Day 119



30 years ago, I started working for Comporium on 3rd shift running billing and inserting the bills to be mailed.

Punch cards were still being used for a small independent telephone company we ran billing for at that time. (Some of you may have to look up what a punch card is. It’s literally a stiff piece of paper with holes punched in it in predefined positions. We would have stacks of cards we would run through a machine to get the data for each customer’s bill into the computer.) All the other billing was run on modern equipment and software. This was not something the company had to do but they knew that the little independent telephone company couldn’t rush out and make a large investment to update their process or they would go under. Handling punch cards was slow and tedious, but we kept repairing the punch card equipment and helped the little company bring their processes up to date. This spoke volumes to me on the company’s character!

The picture is of my granddaughter, Alyssa Brazzell, me, Cindy Downing, Ann Beck, and Leon Yard on one of the many Pioneer projects. The Pioneers collected canned goods and bags of food that were donated by Comporium employees then boxed it up in pretty boxes we had wrapped with Christmas wrapping paper. Early on delivery day, we’d go by Honey Baked Ham to pick up a turkey breast and pie for each of the families. We always loved being able to help deliver boxes full of food for Christmas dinner to those that needed a helping hand.

Cammie Brazzell