Day 117
December 31, 2020
Day 119
December 31, 2020

Day 118



Do you remember?

Do you remember the repairman leaving his truck door open while he went behind the house. The dog that got in his truck and him calling in for help. Johnny Workman came to the rescue. Over the company radio he said, " Plant to all units, don't anyone laugh, Dog, get out of that truck."

Do you remember someone putting a telephone pole across the front seat of someone's car?

Do you remember the plant guys painting the belly of coworker the day before his wedding?

Do you remember the coworkers bicycle being tied to the top of the flagpole?

Do you remember the test board man test a line, that just happened to be on hold with a very expecting lady waiting for the doctor?

Do you remember Mr. B. calling himself over the radio?

Do you remember sending newbie to the warehouse to get sky hooks?

Or the guys changing the time on the clock while a coworker napped in the breakroom, making him think he was late going back to work?

Happy Memories and Merry Christmas

Cathy Bratton
1971 -2012