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December 15, 2020
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December 17, 2020

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My first job with Comporium was at Lancaster Telephone. I began in June 1968 as a summer worker, just after graduating from Lancaster High. Back then, phone calls were routed within the central office by passing through numerous stages of electromechanical switching. (Most of you have seen examples of these devices when you toured the Comporium Museum.) Cleaning those switches (and there was a seemingly endless number of them) was the job that most of the “new guys” were given. Although it could be very boring, it was important to keep those switches clean and properly oiled so that calls would be routed correctly and so that there would be minimal noise on the line.

I learned a lot that summer. One lesson was the value of patience and thoroughness. Just as importantly, I learned that a lot of great people worked at what is now Comporium. I’m sure I’ll overlook many names, but here are a few: Mr. Carter Thomasson, Mr. Jimmy Thomasson, Tom Thomasson, Clyda Horton, J.B. Sistare, James Couch, Rhonda Cauthen, Glenn Threatt, Tommy Dabney, Phil Long, Robert Clanton, Billy Steele, Jim Taylor, and Clyde Steele. Each of these folks, and others, taught me things that I still recall today. Certainly, a lot has changed in the technology Comporium uses to provide the best possible communications services, but what hasn’t changed is the quality of the company and its employees.

Harry Miller