Day 99
December 6, 2020
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December 10, 2020

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This is about my Uncle John.

The headquarters building on E Black street almost didn’t get approved by the building inspectors in 1967. After foundation and the columns had been poured, the building inspector came out to examine what had been done before we could move onto the next phase. He thoroughly checked all the work and then pulled out his tape measure. He measured a lot of things and then measured the distance from the front door to E Black St. He paused and then said you are going to have to tear everything down and start over. John asked why and the inspector said your front door is too close to street and doesn’t pass building codes. After recovering from the thought of tearing the building down, he scratched his head and started walking around the building. He looked at the door on the Elizabeth lane side of the building and asked the inspector, “what if we make this door the front door”. He pulled out his tape measure and checked the distance to Elizabeth lane. He then said that’s more than the minimum – Approved. The construction continued and the building was completed the next year. That same year the company opened the building up for the public to tour.

Bryant Barnes
President and CEO