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November 26, 2020
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November 28, 2020

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Comporium is Family and as we celebrate Thanksgiving, some with out our families, I thought today would be the perfect time recognize and celebrate the families that work at Comporium.

As a family owned company, Comporium, has no problem hiring members within the same family. It amazes me how many employees have family members that work or have worked at Comporium at the same time. So, I was wondering, just how many employees have family members at Comporium???

I guess I will start with me, I was hired in February of 1989 and in August of 2019, 30 years later, my Grandson became an employee.

Grandmother & Grandson Cindy Downing and Gaege Lambert

With the help of Kristin Stacks, we put together an impressive list and I know we missed someone. Names in parenthesis worked at Comporium at one time with their relative.

Husband & Wife, Jason and Crystal Thomas, Crystal’s brother Don Roberts (wife JennyLyn)
Husband & Wife Stevie and Barbara Stephenson
Husband & Wife Tim and Kristi Ramsey and Sister-in-Law Terri Ramsey
Husband & Wife Jamie and Misty Harrison
Husband & Wife Lee and Nancy Watt
Husband & Wife Steven and Tiffany Garner
Husband & Wife Zach and Amanda Alexander
Husband & Wife Trey and Kelly Anderson and Trey’s sister Tara Thomas (Mother Nancy Anderson)
Husband & Wife Chad and Faith Hill (Grandmother Naomi Johnson)
Husband & Wife Ritchie and Tammy Irby
Husband & Wife Marshall and Stephanie Kirkman
Husband & Wife Thomas and Karen Robinson
Husband & Wife Scott and Kristen Setzer
Husband & Wife Tripp and Holly Skipper and Holly’s Father EJ Starnes
Husband & Wife Jeremy and Marilyn Smith
Husband & Wife Brian and Luanne Chapman
Husband & Wife Roger and Trish Parker
Husband & Wife Paul and Debbie Teachout
Husband & Wife Randy and Denise Jackson
Husband & Wife Derrick and Kristen Bragg
Husband & Wife Casey and Erica Broome
Husband & Wife Bob and Debi Phillips
Husband & Wife Chance and Christie Pickett
Husband & Wife (Lee) and Gloria Skinner
Husband & Wife Chris and (Elisa) Barnes
Husband & Wife Brad and (Pam) Watts
Husband, & Wife Perry, Terry, and Son Will Johnson
Mother & Daughter Connie Elkins and Amber Drawdy (Connie’s Husband Tommy Elkins & Sister Robin Earle Pittman)
Mother & Daughter Andrea Cooper and Caroline Hamilton
Mother & Daughter Anicia Stevenson and Shenita Roseboro
Mother & Daughter (Decima (Butch) Morrison) & Leah Clevenger
Mother & Daughter (Kaye) and Sarah Scoggins
Mother & Son Cathy and Justin Sanders
Mother & Son Debbie and Shane Caricari
Mother & Son Joan and Jared Medford
Mother & Son (Linda) and David Morton
Mother Jennie Vaughn, Son Kevin Butler, Daughter Julie Butler Fowler, and Julie’s husband Wes Fowler
Father & Son Phil and Phil Jr. Starnes
Father & Son Tim and Justin Hallman
Father & Son Jeff and Will McLawhorn and (Father-in-Law/Grandfather Kenny Clark)
Father, Son & Grandson Andy, Andy Jr. and Brett Pittman (Three Generations at the same time!)
Father & Son Jack and Brian Steele (Jack’s brother Fred Steele)
Father & Daughter Jerry and Anna Baker
Father & Daughter Joe Viola and (Julie Estes)
Father & Daughter Eddie Craig and (Crystal Craig Beck)
Brothers Andrew and Peter Bruner
Brothers Josh and James Craven
Brothers Chad and Travis Beck
Brothers Josh and David Sellers
Brothers (Reid) and Mark Minton
Brothers David and (Daryl) Peek
Brother & Sister Mike Bushue and Donna Willis and Mike’s son Justin (Father/Grandfather Don Bushue)
Brother & Sister in Law Kristin Stacks and Drew Munn
Cousins Ken Bayne and Allyson Reid

Mother & Daughter Ann and Tara Beck
Mother & Son Dolores and Ted Melton
Husband and Wife Kenny and Joyce White
Husband and Wife Eddie and Mary Henson
Father & Son John and Johnny Helms
Mother & Daughter in Law Ellie and Janet Matthews