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September 11, 2020
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September 11, 2020

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I began working for Rock Hill Telephone Company in July 1971. The same month and year that the Rock Hill Telephone Pioneer Club was chartered. I began my career as a repair clerk, answering calls, logging reports and repair clearances.

In those days many customers had party lines: private lines, 2 party, 4 party, and even 10 party lines. I was assigned the job of regrouping customers on party lines for the purpose of clearing up cable pairs and line equipment. There was a group of ladies, all friends, on a party line together. During this regrouping this group of ladies were separated to different lines. They quickly made us aware that they were not happy. They had established their own conference calling with each lady picking up the phone at a designated time so they could all share in their evening social call. Well, to keep our customers happy, that regrouping was quickly returned to the original grouping. The attached picture was pay back from coworkers for the many pranks I pulled for their 40th birthdays.

We worked hard but had a lot of fun doing it. After 41 1/2 years Comporium coworkers will always feel like family

Cathy Bratton
1971- 2012