Day 44
October 11, 2020
Day 46
October 14, 2020

Day 45



Comporium Pioneers has allowed my daughter and I to spend time together helping others as we connect with one another. The Kids Club has painted furniture at the White House as well as cleaned the playground toys and equipment at The Pilgrim’s Inn. McKenzie and I also were able for many years to work with others to pack the boxes for the Christmas meals in Lancaster where we live. The opportunity to not only work to benefit others has rewarded us as much as the recipients of Comporium Pioneers’ projects. Being able to talk about how our actions impact others and how those actions can be a blessing to others has helped shape in her a desire to serve others. As she is about to graduate high school in the spring, she now has a heart to serve others and eyes to see need in part to how Comporium Pioneers Kids Club shaped her vision of a servant’s heart. Thank you Comporium Pioneers!

Darnele West (McKenzie West)