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September 29, 2020
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September 29, 2020

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DAY 30

I was hired by Rock Hill Telephone Company at the end April 1992, as a staff accountant with responsibility for the enterprise company tax returns. I had two tax seasons that year – Feb/March/April at the CPA firm where I had been working, and July/Aug/Sept at RHTC. Over the years I have done everything from taxes, accounting, and financial analysis, to working on the purchase and integration of Citizens Telephone, to demonstration and training of the Accounting modules of the RHTC-developed software to other telcos, and so much more. Around here, we do not say “it’s not in my job description.”

Debbie Caricari and I once traveled to rural (and I mean RURAL) Kansas to demo the software. Neither of us had ever been that far from the ocean in our lives. We arrived at our bed and breakfast lodgings (did I say rural?) to find the innkeeper and her neighbor in the kitchen watching a live TV shot of a tornado just a few miles away. Toto, we were definitely in Kansas. To top that, our flight home was booked for the earliest departure of the day, but the plane we were supposed to be on was still on the east coast due to storms the night before. We wound up taking another plane flying from Hays Kansas, to Kansas City, to Pittsburgh, and finally that evening to Charlotte. Our luggage arrived at the Charlotte airport before we did, on the original more direct flight we were supposed to be on. But happily we were not in Kansas anymore!

I never could have predicted in 1992 all the places my 28 years at Comporium would take me, but I got a clue that it was a special place when I stepped on the elevator the first week and Ed Barnes greeted me by name, having never met me before.
Happy 125th Anniversary!

Kristi Holler