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September 15, 2020
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September 17, 2020

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DAY 19

I started working at CN2 News as the Sports Reporter in August of 2018.
A special story we do at CN2 is our CN2 Hometown Hero’s. While I was new to Rock Hill, I wasn’t exactly sure who I should do a story on. I really wanted to have a sports angle on it, so I started to ask around. Luckily for me, my boyfriends family is from Fort Mill, and his dad, Rob Hill, volunteers to pull chains on Friday nights for the Fort Mill Football games. Well, Rob knew just who I needed to recognize as a CN2 Hometown Hero, Mr. Doug Chapman. At the time, Mr. Chapman had been pulling the chains at Fort Mill football games for 53 years and keeping the books for the baseball team for 17 years. Two years later he is still volunteering. I will never forget telling Mr. Chapman I needed him to come with me, he didn’t even know me, and he said he wasn’t sure the rest of the chain gang would know what to do without him! Once I got him to the home side of the football field the announcer told the crowd to look down at the 20 yard line where we were standing and recognized Mr. Chapman as a CN2 Hometown Hero, and with tears in his eyes, he gave me a big hug and thanked me. He also said “ I wish my wife was here to see this.” Little did he know I made sure she would be there, so he was quite surprised to see her against the fence grinning from ear to ear. Maybe this Hometown Hero story is special to me because it was my first CN2 Hometown Hero story, or maybe because I won my first journalism award with this story. However, more importantly, I blessed Mr. Chapman with an award that meant so much to him, he even shed a tear.

To this day Mr. Chapman will come up to give me a hug when he sees me at Fort Mill sporting events, and I really appreciate each conversation we get to have. I lost my grandfather 3 years ago, and it has not gotten any easy with him not being here. He was my best friend, and really is the whole reason I decided to become a sports reporter. I remember growing up I would watch every South Carolina Gamecock football game with him, and he would make sure I knew every player’s name along with as much football knowledge he could fit into one game. I miss him every day, but Mr. Chapman reminds me of my granddaddy, and giving Mr. Chapman a CN2 Hometown Hero award may have blessed me more than him.

Morgan Cox