Day 124
January 1, 2021

Day 125



Working for a Family Company-
Comporium is in the midst of its 125th year in business, but we’ve also been owned by the same family for over 108 of those years. We are more than just a family-owned business… we are a family-focused business. We’re a company that has seen multiple generations of employees come from families and that’s happened more than just a handful of times.

I fall into this category as a member of the fifth generation of my family to work at and help guide the company. All around me are other families that have called this company home for more than one generation. I have the privilege of working for a woman whose father once ran our Lancaster operations. I’ve worked with folks whose spouse also works here, with folks whose children have interned here over the summer, and with folks that have parents, siblings, or children – a few have had all three of those - employed with Comporium full time.

Having so many families as part of our workforce does come with some challenges, but it also creates a very unique and supportive environment. I’ve seen our Comporium family step in time after time to support each other in both celebrations and in tragedies. When fellow employees have been sick, when our coworkers have lost a spouse or a child, when one of our own has died, our folks have stepped in to help each other through the tough times. While we not always knock it out of the park, our folks do what they can to support each other like a family would.


Shaun Barnes
2006 - Present