Day 111
December 17, 2020
Day 113
December 21, 2020

Day 112



It takes a little time, a whole lot of energy, and muscles in your back that you didn’t realize existed to create gifts for 1,050+ employees. However, every minute and every ache that goes along with that process is worth it. In 2019, and then again this year, we had the honor of distributing gifts to each of our employees as part of celebrating our 125th Anniversary.

The gift distribution in 2020 has been particularly rewarding. Not only did Comporium get a chance to show a little love to each of its 1,050+ family members, but those of us handing out gifts had a chance to see some people in-person that we’d not seen since February or March.

I feel especially blessed having had the chance to visit our folks in both Gilbert and in Brevard. Being a part of this project gave me the opportunity to spend time with some of my favorite colleagues. It will be one of the best Christmas gifts I get this year for sure.

Shaun Barnes
2006 – Present