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December 13, 2020
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December 13, 2020

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Mrs. Claus at ChristmasVille One of my fondest times as a Pioneer was volunteering as Mrs. Claus at ChristmasVille. When we first started "Calls to Santa" at times we got extremely busy and had to make excuses as to why Santa was taking so long to answer the phones. Guy Johnson, Bill Geddings. Jimmy Bolin and Darrel Matthews were all trying hard to keep up with the call volume , but were getting swamped with the calls so I started telling the children that Santa was giving Rudolph his bath and putting him thru his exercises to get him in shape for this upcoming sleigh ride. Everyone was doing really good and then I had this darling little brown headed girl with huge brown eyes and a smile that would warm your heart and she asked questions. Lots of questions, this is how the conversation went:

Mrs. Claus: ' Hey, how are you?
Little Girl: "Hey are you Mrs. Claus? Are you married to Santa Claus? Do you see him everyday? Where is Santa now?"
Mrs. Claus: "Yes I'm Mrs. Claus and I see Santa every day. Right now, he is giving Rudoplh his bath and feeding him his veggies and putting him thru all his exercises so he can lead the other reindeer on Christmas Day"
Little Girl: "Why is Rudolph getting a bath?"
Mrs. Claus: "Because he stinks, and he needs a bath"
Little Girl: "Did Rudolph roll in poom yah?"
I'm thinking what is she talking about? What is poom yah and my mind is imagining all sorts of things.
Then she said "My dog rolled in poom yah and my mama got really mad. My dog got poom yah stuck in her fur cause my mama said it was fresh and it was all over my dog".
And then the little girl got up and copied her mama bending over and gagging By now I'm laughing uncontrollably cause I figured out what poom yah was and watching the little girl was just too funny. Bless her heart she even made the gagging noises and kept repeating her mama saying, "oh Laws help me please, I'm gonna kill this dog." By this time the tears were rolling. I thought it was just too funny. I finally got myself together and stopped laughing for a minute and asked if her mama ever finished with her dogs’ bath.
Little Girl: "Yes she finished his bath and dried him off too "Does Rudolph smell all good after he gets a bath?"
Mrs. Claus: “Yes he sure does, and he gets his hooves all trimmed and buffed too. He will be doing all his exercises this week and will be running sprints so he will be in good shape to pull the sleigh. "
Little girl: "Ok we can’t say anything more about our poom yah ok? My mama will get mad and I promised I would be a good girl so Santa will bring me presents.

Then she leaned in and gave me a big hug and told me "Merry Christmas" I hope y’all enjoyed the poom yah story and got a laugh.

Merry Christmas

Ann Beck
1972 to 2007